Reliable Legal Assistance from the Team at Hemming & Associates, P.C.

Hemming & Associates, P.C. offers a range of additional services in order to provide reliable legal assistance to our clients. Our firm understands the importance of having qualified legal representation and support, and as such aims to provide clients with the advice they need to successfully navigate their legal concerns. We are honest, reliable, and easy to communicate with; it is our goal to make sure that obtaining legal assistance is as simple as possible.

Trust Us to Assist with a Range of Services

  • Business Formation: When starting a new business it’s essential to choose the appropriate legal structure and file your registration paperwork properly. We can help set your company up for success based on your unique goals and circumstances.
  • Name Changes: Legally changing your name can be a somewhat complicated legal process. We can provide you with guidance in order to make sure it’s done correctly.
  • Residential Leases: We are able to review and help create leases for the benefit of property owners.
  • Judgment Collection: Hemming & Associates can go through the motions to collect payments based on judgment using lien or levy.
  • Billing and Credit Report Violations: We can assist with a variety of billing and credit report violations, including failing to update credit reports, reporting inaccurate information, or failing to follow correct debt dispute procedures.
  • Creditor Harassment: After you’ve filed for bankruptcy, creditors are required to stop contacting you for payments. If they haven’t, then allow a lawyer to assist you.
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Learn More About the Services We Offer

If you need legal assistance, then consider contacting Hemming & Associates, P.C. today. We offer customized payment plans; call today in order to learn more.